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Guide to eResidency

Welcome to eResidency. Please read the following instructions before indicating your choices.

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1. Your Date of Birth, NRIC/FIN No. and preferred email address have been registered in this system.

2. Please key in your Date of Birth(DD/MM/YYYY) and NRIC/ FIN No. (for example: S1234567A/ G1234567X) for the system to verify your account.

3. You will receive an confirmation email with a link in your registered email account.

4. Logon to your Email account during the Application Period to access the email and click on the link to continue with your application.

Personal Particulars

1. Please check all your personal particulars and contact information details.

2. Should you require to update your personal particulars, please edit the information directly into the applicable fields where applicable.

Residency Matching

1. Please note that ranking of the Preferred Sponsoring Institution and Preferred Residency Programme/ Transitional Year is based on the following scale:

  1. 1 - 1st Choice
  2. 2 - 2nd Choice
  3. 3 - 3rd Choice
  4. 4 - 4th Choice

2. For HO, MO and Graduating Seniors, you can rank a maximum of 12 choices. For Senior Residents, you can rank a maximum of 9 choices.

3. All candidates are only to rank the specialties which they have been interviewed for entry into the National Residency Programme.


Following your submission, a confirmation email with all your choices (eResidency) will be sent to your registered email.


We will announce the eResidency posting results on our website towards final posting result date below.

Posting Final Posting Result Date
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