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Guide to PGY1

Hello! Welcome to PGY1. Please read the following instructions before indicating your choices.

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  1. Your Matriculation No. OR NRIC/Passport/FIN No., Date of Birth and email address have been registered in this system.
  2. Simply key in your Matriculation No. OR NRIC/Passport/FIN No. and Date of Birth for the system to verify your account.
  3. You will receive an email in your email account.
  4. Logon to your email account to access the email and click on the link to continue with your application.

Personal Particulars

  1. Fill in your personal particulars and contact details.
  2. For non-Singaporeans, please get ready your passport number.

Choice of Postings

  1. Please read the postings information and choices below.
  2. You will be asked to indicate if you are able to commence your PGY1. If not, please indicate reason(s) and submit your supporting documents to us.

Important Notes

  1. All PGY1 are required to do 12 months of clinical rotations consisting of :
    • a) At least 3 months in general medicine
    • b) At least 3 months in general surgery OR at least 3 months in Orthopaedics; and
    • c) The remaining period in such discipline or combination of disciplines as the Medical Council may approve.
  2. The options for successful completion of PGY1 are given in the table below. Please rank your :
    • a) Choice of posting combination (Please note you should rank all posting combinations from 1 to 6 in order of preference, “1” stands for “Most Preferred”, “2” stands for “Next Preferred” and so on.)
    • b) Choice of Hospital for each specialty posted to.

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